Breakout game with great graphics and sound, and 100 unique levels
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Nurium Games

BreakQuest is a breakout game with graphics and effects that make it totally different to the most games of the type. It is fast-paced, has great sound and music, plus 100 levels with unique, inventive designs.
There are two game modes; the first one has a storyline where you need to defeat an evil organization that is planning to destroy the world. Completing 5 levels of the quest mode will unlock the Arcade Mode, where you can choose the level you want to play, and configure the game setting up options such as the ball speed, the bumper size, or even the power-ups that you want to use. For both modes there are 10 ships to pick, and three levels of difficulty.
While the gameplay remains faithful to the genre - that is, you need to destroy all the bricks on the screen to move on to other levels, what makes it stand out over the rest is its physics engine making the ball and the other objects in the screen move and interact in a very realistic way. Also, it surprises with the great variety of designs that levels present; there is a total of 100 screens and each one with an inventive layout. Also, there are plenty of power-ups (and power-downs) and weapons to use.
Sound effects and music are simply amazing; shooting sounds and explosions are really powerful, and the energetic music makes you want to turn up the volume.
Whether you are a fan of this type of games or not, you should give BreakQuest a try.

Mariel Rearte
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  • 100 levels to play
  • Addictive
  • Original and inventive layouts
  • Awesome graphics, music and
  • sound effects


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